CPX was founded by a group of young and brilliant geeks in the city of joy and the

homeland of panda:Chengdu. In the past two years, hundreds of Apps and Games

have been published. Also, we have branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seychelles and

the US. Currently,the business have been presenting over 25 countries,especially

in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US.

  • 100+
    Apps & Games
  • 25
Our Mission

To achieve our mission, CPX strives to provide meaningful products to consumers around the world and help them improve their quality of life at any time. CPX offers innovative products like: effective utility softwares, fun games, the newest IOT technology and lifestyle contents.

We are mobile content provider. Innovation is our main goal. and it has become part of
our DNA fusion. We focus on creating quality products and bringing new technologies to market.
So we call our product “X-product”


PRE is the leading mobile VAS division,

including wireless

VAS& Unified Solution Group.

We work with content partners and are

responsible for developing and marketing

mobile content products.PRE.

Mobile Games, Videos, Applications, Utilities, Html5 Games, Wallpapers, Ringtones, Funny Pictures, Animes to end users.PRE is connected with over 30 mobile carries and monetizes digital content in over 20+ countries.

openwow-logo --- The Real Online
Prize Claw Game.

You can grab the dolls on the real prize machine
on your mobile device or on your mobile device at home.
We will send the doll to your address.


“Many Ways to Enjoy Happiness”

Try your luck every day and enjoy the victory.
Free daily bonus to get prizes.
Play online with your friends.
Many activities to win rewards.


Win stuffed animals & fashion items

New entertainment experience
in the era of spatial computing

"Blaster" is a large space multiplayer MR holographic competitive game, just like a realistic version of eating chicken. [Known as realistic version of PUBG, BLASTER is a competitive multiplayer Mixed Reality game with holographic projection in large space.]Based on the latest MR technology, for the first time, traditional shooting game and sci-fi holographic technology are seamlessly integrated to break the dimension wall, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the mixed reality game environment built by MR technology to experience.


Game Introduction

Compared to traditional PC mobile games and even VR games, this MR holographic competitive game has the characteristics of "electronic sports". Like a high-tech badminton match, in the high-end rounds, the players' physical fitness and responsiveness have put forward extremely high requirements, and they naturally have a very high viewing quality.

With the use of MR technology, a variety of different game screens can be displayed in real-world venues. In the gameplay, a very classic shootout is used. After wearing the equipment, players can play competitive battles.


Wireless, lightweight and easy to wear
Large field of view
Can be worn with glasses
Replaceable battery
AR headsets with the largest field of view on the market to date


Custom handheld gun with vibration and sound feedback


MR mixed reality server system's original positioning and tracking system, free to run in big scenes

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